Connecting your new Filegear Personal Cloud

Connecting your new Filegear Personal Cloud

Filegear is a personal cloud device that organizes all of your photos, music, videos and documents and lets you access and share your files.

Connecting your new Filegear device is as simple as "1-2-3":

1) Connect your device to your network router, and plug in the power.
2) Create your user account at
3) Follow the link in the account verification email to verify your email address and link your device.

Once your device is linked, you can click on the device name to connect to the device and begin adding your hard drives, uploading your files, and accessing everything through the IOS app, or built-in web interface.

In some rare cases, you may need to enter your device serial number in order to identify and link your device in step "3". You can find your device serial number on the bottom of the device. The serial number is a 10-character alpha-numeric code. The serial number is printed as a QR code as well to enable convenient scanning.

Note: you may need to detach the removable drive enclosure from the device to view the serial number underneath.

If you have any trouble to connect to your Filegear device, please contact us at

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Apr 06, 2019 • Posted by Dave McDonald

I am using an iMac with OSX operating system. I am having trouble connecting my external hard drives to Filegear. Filegear is not finding my devices. I have followed all the instructions meticulously and have viewed YouTube videos. Initially, Filegear found my devices and then it said it would take a few days to access. I am not sure what that means. Now Filegear does not see my devices at all.

Please help.

Many thanks!

Dave McDonald

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