Firmware Release - Version 1.1

Firmware Release - Version 1.1

Filegear Firmware Release

Version 1.1

January 16, 2019


Filegear is a smart personal cloud device that automatically organizes your photos, music, videos and documents. Browse and search your files according to time, location, landmarks, features, tags, albums, artists, and more. Filegear's built-in media players let you stream your music and videos to any device. Use the storage you already have, and eliminate never-ending subscription fees. Your files are kept safely and privately at home.

The Filegear Firmware is installed on the Filegear device. The Filegear Firmware is the internal software on the Filegear device that creates the Filegear Personal Cloud experience.


New in this Release

This version of the Filegear Firmware software includes the following improvements:

  1. Remove Duplicates Feature
  2. Duplicates View
  3. Task Based Empty Trash and Restore Files
  4. Import Files Filters
  5. Improved "Collection Views" with Section Headers
  6. Improved "Filter Views"
  7. Improved "Music Album" View

This firmware update will be rolled out and automatically installed on every Filegear device. To check the version of the Filegear Firmware installed on your device, please go to the Device dashboard at Then click on the "down arrow" next to your device title to see details. The firmware version will be listed there.

The release has been published today (January 16, 2019) and will automatically be installed on all devices within 48 hours.

If you have any questions about this release or the new features and improvements, please don't hesitate to contact us at


Remove Duplicates Feature

We've introduce a new feature to remove duplicate files in your Filegear experience. Imagine you have your master collection of photos, and you have a backup folder. You're not sure if your backup has extra files in it, but you want to remove any duplicates, then deal with the rest. With this release, you can simply right-click on your "backup folder", then choose the "Remove Duplicates" option. This will create a background task which will go through all the files under this folder, and remove any files which exist somewhere else.

Remove Duplicates Feature 

Duplicates View

The duplicates view shows a list of all the files which have 2 or more copies in the Filegear index.

Duplicates View

You can automatically remove duplicates by selecting the "Remove All Duplicates" command from the list menu.

Remove All Duplicates Command

Task Based Empty Trash and Restore Files

The "Empty Trash" and "Restore Files" commands sometimes operate on a large number of files. Previously when executing these commands the operations were done in realtime by the client interface, which would prevent you from doing other operations while this was in progress. These tasks have now been moved to a background task so all you have to do is select one of these options and go do other stuff. Incidentally, the "Delete" option for files and folders has also been moved to a background task.

Task Based Empty Trash 

Import Files Filters

When importing files from hard drives, sometimes you only care about certain kinds of files. Filegear now has a feature to let you choose which kinds of files to import. Just go to the "Settings" menu (that's the Gear icon on the bottom left), click on "Options", then choose the kinds of files you want to import. These settings will be used the next time you import files from your drives.

Import Files Filters

Improved "Collection Views" with Section Headers

The collection views like "Photo Albums" and "Music Artists" have been improved to show section headers to group items together.

Improved Collection Views

Improved "Filter Views"

Some collections are better represented as filters instead of items with headers. For examples Locations are generally a combination of Country + City, or maybe a Region + State. So we added the Filter view for Locations, Devices, and Music Tracks to make things easier to find.

Improved Filter Views

Improved "Music Album" View

The music album view shows the tracks and metadata associated with a music album. We have changed our backend data source from Gracenote to Discogs, vastly expanding the known albums list and better album matching without rate limits. We've also added some features to integrate with the Discogs web service experience such as looking up album and release IDs and setting them on individual tracks and albums. This lets you pick a specific release exactly matching the album that you own, including the year, country, and extra features.

Improved Music Album View


There are also many changes behind the scenes to improve both performance and robustness, to deliver a better overall experience.

We look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions regarding this release. As always, please contact us at if you have any questions.

The Filegear Team


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