How to sync photos on iPhone

How to sync photos on iPhone


The Filegear Mobile app for iOS enables you to automatically sync photos and videos to your Filegear device. The sync process happens in the background any time a change in network or content change is detected.

Background Tasks

iOS supports apps that run in the background, but unfortunately they have a policy to suspend or close apps that have been running in the background for more than a couple minutes. That means the sync process often gets suspended or stopped before it has gotten very far.

Music Players

When looking for ways to keep the sync process running in the background, we discovered that apps that are playing music actually keep running as long as the music is playing!

The Workaround

So, to keep your app running in the background to sync all of your photos and videos, just play some tunes.

  1. Upload a music file to Filegear (.mp3, .m4a, or any other supported format)
  2. Play the music (ensure that the play mode is set to repeat)

That's it.

Silent Music

Well, listening to the same tune can get monotonous, so here's the last tip. Use this "silent.mp3" file. It's a 1-minute track of silence.

You'll need to download the ZIP file, unzip it, then upload silent.mp3 to your Filegear device.


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