Use the Filegear Utility if you are unable to automatically detect your device on your network.

The Filegear Utility is used to run diagnostics and routine checks on the Filegear Personal Cloud device.

  • Download Windows version here.
  • Install the iOS version here (open the link with your iPhone or iPad).
  • Install the MacOS version here.

Detailed instructions on how to use the Filegear Utility app can be found here.

Useful Commands

After tapping on the "Run Diagnostics" button and being  presented with an error involving DNS or an unreachable cloud service, run the "SETHOSTS" command.

If you find that the DNS and cloud services are reachable, but checking device credentials failed, then try  running the "RESETCREDS" command through the Filegear Utility.

A factory reset can also be run via the Filegear Utility. Follow the sequence in the video below to completely reset your Filegear device to factory settings.

Please contact if you are running into issues not covered as we can create custom commands that can resolve most issues.